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Alexa’s Summer Masterclasses Orford Summer Music Academy Alexa Still flute Week long masterclasses for serious students, see schedule. Dates: Alexa Still: August 4-10, Aug 10-17 (other faculty: Denis Bluteau: June 30-July 6, Jennifer Gun: July 28 – Aug 3, Jocelyn Roy: June 7-July 17, Michael Cox July 14-19, 21-26, Ransom Wilson: July 28- Aug 3, August 4-10, Robert Langevin: July 7-13) Schedule entirely at discretion of the teacher. Alexa’s weekly plan includes a daily morning masterclass, a daily afternoon workshop (daily topics), mock orchestral audition (“behind the screen”), session on tone production in the concert hall, session on instrument maintenance and urgent repairs, and two private lessons. Masterclasses include skilled collaborative pianists who also rehearse with students prior to the masterclass. There are nice performance opportunities on and off campus and there is a solo competition. Class Size: 7-12 (no more than 12!), open age limit. Fees: Fee CA $1,020. or US $764. includes everything! (tuition, room, all meals) for one week (CA$50 reductions for every extra week enrollment). This program is hugely subsidized and scholarship money is also available! ApplicationFeb 7 is the application deadline for scholarship consideration. Applications still be accepted through April 4 as space allows. Audition: video posted to You tube of 2 works/excerpts of works of various styles, one to be taken from standard virtuosic repertoire. Orford is situated in a really beautiful place, a beautiful national park in Quebec, Canada (about 1.5 hours from Montreal) Oberlin Flute Academy Masterclasses, workshops, private lessons, fun group activities, introduction to liberal arts campus environment for high school flutists. Collaborative pianist is present for masterclasses and for optional concert performances. Dates: June 26-30 Faculty: Alexa Still. Oberlin Conservatory Student counselors assist. Class size: 14 high school students. Fees: $880 includes everything (tuition, accommodation, all meals) Application: April 10 deadline Audition: video recording of two pieces. One piece from flute music by French composers (Schirmer). Piano accompaniment optional. Jam-packed schedule: masterclasses, daily warm-ups, workshop on college auditions, one private lesson, optional flute choir, mock orchestral audition and solo performances. Aria Academy Bootcamp concept: Masterclasses and private lessons with emphasis on individual practice Dates: Session 1: June 27- July 8,  Alexa Still: July 3-7 (other faculty: Jonathan Keeble June 28-July 7, Linda Toote June 28- July 2)  Schedule: morning and afternoon masterclasses, three 45-minute lessons, no performances (emphasis on practice) Class size: normally 18, age limits16-28 Fees: $1,970, made up of Tuition per session: $995, Room & Board for one session: $975. Application: April 3 deadline Audition: First time applicants are required to send a CD, or DVD, or YouTube links, or electronic files of their playing containing two contrasting selections of their own choice. The two selections should be from two different works. Piano accompaniment is optional. Other summer events: Northern California Flute Camp This is a large camp, for serious students ages 12-18. Busy, fun schedule of classes, lessons and flute activities  Dates: July 5-13, 2019   Alexa is a guest artist July 8-11. Faculty: Karen Johnson, Maquette Kuper, Tomiko Tsai, Karen Van Dyke, Gary Woodward Other guests: NCFC alumni Catherine Boyack, Winner, 2018 NFA Young Artist Competition and Adrian Sanborn, Winner, 2014 Pappoutsakis Competition Fees: $1,395.00 includes everything.  Application: April 1 Audition: 2 selections, audio or video. This is a highly selective 6-week orchestral program. Dates: June 2- July 14. Alexa will be in residence teaching and performing for the first two weeks. Other flute faculty: Carol Wincenc and Gretchen Pusch Fees: All participants receive full tuition. Registration $250. Board and meals: $750. Some work study positions available. Application: video due February 25 Audition: video of Mozart and specific excerpts (available for download on website). Interlochen Summer Arts Camp This is a selective general arts program for k3-12, including orchestra and band, 6 weeks for high school, shorter sessions for younger age groups. Dates: June 22-August 5.  Alexa is a Valade Fellow working primarily with the High School age students from July 22. See website for full listing of faculty. Fees: $9,450 includes tuition and board for 6 weeks at the high school level. Application: to be considered for scholarship, application must be complete by Feb 1 and plan to audition live (see website for regional audition details). Video and audio applications still accepted after this time. Audition: two pieces and scales (see website)
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