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Useful and Interesting Links

CUSTOMIZED FLUTES - Make Life More Comfortable
- by Alexa Still (first appeared in Pan, magazine of the British Flute Society September 2003)

National Flute Association
- this organisation is a wonderful resource. Members have access to a huge library, cheap instrument insurance and much more.

Dayton Miller Flute Collection
- located in Washington DC. Here you can see some less common versions of the flute!

Flute Acoustics
- this site will help explain how a flute works, taken from Physics Today, Feb 2000 issue.

New Zealand Music Center
- therwise known as SOUNZ, a publisher and agent for New Zealand Music and recordings.

Sanford Drelinger
- a headjoint maker. I think my Drelinger headjoints are wonderful.

David Straubinger
- a flute maker and pad designer. I use these pads and think they are wonderful!

Brannen Brothers Flutes Inc
- I play one of these, and I love it!

Chris Abell
- makes wonderful wooden flutes, in USA. I have one of Chris' "tin whistles" (actually very pretty wood and silver) for use in John Corigliano's Pied Piper Fantasy.

Robert Bigio
- famed headjoint maker, also makes wonderful wooden flutes, in England

Flute World
- a US flute specialty store that stocks everything, incl. my CDs and my published arrangements/transcriptions.

Carolyn Nussbaum Music Co
- flute repairer and specialty store, also stocking my CDs.

Flute Fidelity
- my australian mates; the down-under specialty flute store selling flutes!

Sherry's Flute Repair & Sales
- Sherry is one of very few people I trust my flute with. Sherry does excellent work, and really cares. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

William Grant Still Music
- I love Still's music and no, I regret I am not related as far as I know. However, I recorded some and often include it in recitals. I always get asked where the music can be purchased. Here is the link to the business, directed by his daughter JudyAnn, devoted to promoting and supplying William Grant Still's music.

International Opus
- Opus has published some of my transcriptions, and you can buy them directly. The quality of printing and paper etc is really top quality.
- You can usually get at least some of my CDs here.

Flutes TK
- many flute related links

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