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Alexa Still (flute)
concerto repertoire

This list is grouped alphabetically by composer within musical styles: Modern American, Modern European, New Zealand-Asian (modern), Impressionist-Romantic, Classical, Baroque, Encore type solos, & Concerti with other soloists. (Further information regarding scoring, duration, publisher etc is available on request)

Modern American Modern European New Zealand & Asian composers Romantic-Impressionist
Classical Baroque Encore-type solos Concerti involving other soloists

Modern American


Bernstein, Leonard (1918-1990): Halil, nocturne (1981) strings, percussion

Bloch, Ernest (1880-1959): Suite Modale (1957) strings

Bloch, Ernest: "Two Last Poems... maybe" (1958) orchestra

Chen-Yi (b. 1953): The Golden Flute (1997) orchestra

Corigliano, John (b.1938): Pied Piper Fantasy (1981) orchestra (extra percussion)
semi staged, stage lighting desired, involving groups of children playing flute and drums, costumed soloist plays flute and tin whistle, eventually leads children out of auditorium

Corigliano, John: Voyage (1971, arr.1988) strings

Foss, Lucas (b.1922): Renaissance Concerto (1985) orchestra

Hanson, Howard (1896-1981): Serenade for flute, harp and strings Op.35 (1935)

Hoover, Katherine (b.1937): Medieval Suite (1983) orchestra

Hovhaness, Alan (1911-2000): Elibris (name of the Dawn God of Urardu) Op.50, (1944) strings, includes prominent solo viola

Kennan, Kent (b.1913): Night Soliloquy (1936) strings and piano

Liebermann, Lowell (b.1961): Concerto Op.39 (1993) orchestra

Liebermann, Lowell: Concerto for piccolo Op.50 (1996) orchestra

Mennin, Peter (1923-1983): Concertino (1944) strings and percussion

Moross, Jerome (1913-1983): Concerto (1978) strings

Musgrave, Thea (b. 1928): Orfeo II (1975) strings

Rogers, Bernard (1893-1968): Soliloquy (1922) strings

Rouse, Christopher (b.1949): Flute Concerto (1997) orchestra

Tower, Joan (b.1938): Flute Concerto (1990) orchestra

Kay, Ulysses (1917-1995) African American composer:Aulos (1967) strings

Zwilich, Ellen Taafe (b.1939): Concerto (1989) orchestra

Modern European


Arnold, Malcolm (b.1921): Concerto for flute and strings, Op.45 (1954) strings

Arnold, Malcolm: Concerto No 2, Op.111 (1972) orchestra

Bennett, Richard Rodney (b.1936): Memento (1983) strings

Berio, Luciano (b.1925): Serenata for flute and 14 instruments (1957)

Bozza, Eugene (1905-1991): Agrestide Op.44 (1942) orchestra

Feld, Heinrich (b. 1925): Fantaisie Concertante (1980) strings, percussion

Hindemith, Paul(1895-1963): Piece for flute and strings (1932)

Ploner Mufitag D No.2, no violas

Ibert, Jaques (1890-1962): Concerto (1933) orchestra

Jacob, Gordon (1895-1984): Concerto ( #1, 1951) strings

Jolivet, Andre (1905-1974): Concerto (1949) strings

Martin, Frank (1890-1974): Ballade (1944) strings, piano

Musgrave, Thea (b. 1928): Orfeo II (1975) strings

Nielsen, Carl (1865-1931): Concerto (1926) orchestra

Sallinen, Aulis (b.1935): Concerto, Op.70 (1995) small orchestra, unusual groupings on stage

Rivier, Jean (1896-1987): Concerto (1955) orchestra

Rodrigo, Joaquin (1901-1999): Concierto Pastoral (1978) orchestra

New Zealand and Asian composers


Grenfell, Maria (b. 1969): Maui Tikitiki a Taranga (1999) orchestra

Hamilton, David (b. 1955): Passacaglia (1987, revised 1995)

Moon, Chloe (b. 1952): Concertino (1983) orchestra

Ritchie, Anthony (b. 1960): Concerto (1993) orchestra, written for Alexa

Ritchie, John (b. 1921): The Snow Goose (1982) orchestra

Takemitsu, Toru (1930-1996): Toward the Sea (1981) alto flute, harp and strings

Romantic- Impressionist


Foote, Arthur (1853-1937): A Night Piece (1918) strings

Borne, Francois (1840-1920): Fantaisie Brillante on Bizetís Carmen orchestra remarkably similar to Sarasateís violin fantasy

Busser, Henri (1872-1973): Andalucia orchestra

Casella, Alfredo (1883-1947): Sicilienne et Burlesque(1914-17) orchestra

Chaminade, Cecile (1857-1944): Concertino, Op 107 (1902) orchestra

Doppler, Franz (1821-1883): Hungarian Pastoral Fantasy, Op. 26 orchestra

Foster, Stephen (1826-1864): A Village Festival, from The Social Orchestra (1854) Strings

Godard, Benjamin (1849-1895): Suite Op. 116; Allegretto, Idylle, Valse (1889) orchestra

Otar Gordelli (b. 1928): Concerto, Op.8 orchestra

Griffes, Charles (1884-1920): Poem (1918) orchestra

Harty, Sir Hamilton (1897-1941): In Ireland, a Fantasy orchestra incl. prominent harp

Hue, Georges (1858-1948): Fantaisie (1913) orchestra

Khatchaturian, Aram (1903-1978): Concerto (transcribed at the composerís suggestion Ė1978- from the violin concerto) orchestra

Mendelssohn, Felix (1809-1847): Concerto Op 64 bis (transcribed from the violin concerto-1844) orchestra

Saint Saens, Camille (1835-1921): Romance in Db Op.37 (1871) orchestra

Saint Saens, Camille: Odelette in D, Op. 162 (1920) orchestra

Skilton, Charles Sanford (1868-1941): Sioux Flute Serenade, from Suite Primeval, part 1( 1920) orchestra

Reinecke, Carl (1824-1910): Ballade Op.288 orchestra

Reinecke, Carl: Concerto Op.283 (1908) orchestra



(earlier classical works may have an optional continuo part)

Devienne, Francois (1759-1803): Concerto no.7 in e minor orchestra

Devienne, Francois: Concerto no. 10 in D major orchestra

Devienne, Francois: Concerto in D major orchestra

Mercadante, Saverio (1795-1870): Concerto in E major strings

Mercadante, Saverio: Concerto in e minor strings

Mercadante, Saverio: Concerto in D major strings

Hoffmann, Leopold (1738-1793): Concerto no.10 strings

Haydn, Joseph (1732-1809): Concerto in D major, H. VII f, D1, recently attributed to Leopold Hoffmann strings

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus (1756-1791): Concerto in G major KV 313 (1778) orchestra

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus: Concerto in D major KV314 orchestra

Mozart,Wolfgand Amadeus: Andante in C major KV 315 orchestra

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus: Rondo in D major KV 184a (transcribed by Hoffmeister in 1782 from the Rondo for violin in C, KV373) orchestra

Romberg, Bernhard (1767-1841): Concerto in b minor, Op 30 (17) orchestra

Spohr, Louis (1784-1859): Concerto, transcribed by Christian Belke in 1826 from concerto #8 for violin (1816) orchestra



(these works generally require continuo)

Bach, Johann Sebastion (1685-1750): Suite in b minor BWV1067, Orchestra Suite no. 2 (1730) strings

Bach, Johann Sebastion: Concerto in e minor (reconstructed from BWV 1059 and BWV 35) strings

Bach, Carl Philipp Emanuel (1714-1788): Concerto in d minor Wq.22 (1747) strings

Gluck, Christoph Willibald (1714-1787): Dance of the Blessed Spirits, from Orfeo and Euridice strings

Piccini, Nicola (1728-1800): Concerto in D (1769) orchestra without violas

Pergolesi, Giovanni Battista (1710-1736): Concerto in D major strings

Pergolesi, Giovanni Battista: Concerto in G major strings

Quantz, Joachim (1697-1773): Concerto in G major for flute strings

Stamitz, Karl (1746-1801): Concerto in G major, Op 29, attributed to Johann Wenzel Anton Stamitz (1717-1757), strings

Telemann,Georg Philipp (1681-1767): Concerto in G major strings

Telemann, Georg Philipp: Conerto in D major, strings

Telemann, Georg Philipp: Suite in a minor strings

Vivaldi, Antonio (1675-1743): Concerto-La Notte, P342, F VI, no.13 Op 10/2 strings

Vivaldi: Concerto- Il Gardellino , P 155, F IV no.14 Op 10/2 strings

Vivaldi: Concerto in D major F VI no 10 strings

Vivaldi: Concerto in C for piccolo F VI, no.4 strings

Vivaldi: Concerto in C major for piccolo F.VI, no.5 strings

Vivaldi: Concerto in a minor strings

Vivaldi: Concerto in c minor strings

Encore-type solos


Saint-SaŽns, Camille: Voliere (birds), no.10 from Le Carnaval des Animaux (1886)
arr. Alexa Still, strings, optional harpsichord

Hill/Hurst: "Waiata Poi" traditional New Zealand song, orchestra

Still, Alexa: Christmas Suite (1999) orchestra, voices/small choir

Concerti involving other soloists


Bach, Johann Sebastion: Brandenburg Concerto no.2 BWV 1047,
violin, flute, oboe, trumpet, strings, continuo

Bach, Johann Sebastion: Brandenburg Concerto no.4 BWV 1057,
violin, 2 flutes, strings, continuo

Bach, Johann Sebastion: Brandenburg Concerto no.5 BWV 1050,
harpsichord, flute, violin, strings, continuo

Bach, Johann Sebastion: Triple concerto in a minor BWV 1044,
harpsichord, flute, violin, strings, continuo

Barber, Samuel (1910-1981): Capricorn Concerto, Op.21
flute, trumpet, oboe orchestra

Bloch, Ernest: Concertino for flute and viola
strings, optional scoring for full orchestra in finale section

Cimarosa, Domenico(1749-1801): Concerto for two flutes small orchestra

Doppler, Franz: Duettino on Hungarian Themes Op.36 for two flutes orchestra

Doppler, Franz and Karl: Rigoletto Fantasie Op. 38 for two flutes orchestra

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus: Concerto in C major KV 299 (297c)
Flute, harp orchestra

Smyth, Dame Ethel (1858-1944): Four Songs for flute, mezzo soprano (1908)
strings, harp, percussion

Vaughan Williams, Ralph (1872-1958): Fantasia on Greensleeves, adapted from
the Opera "Sir John in Love", flute, harp, strings, optional second flute

Vivaldi, Antonio: Concerto F XII no 11 in a minor, Flute, 2 violins, strings, continuo

Vivaldi, Antonio: Concerto in C major 2 flutes, strings, continuo

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